Standard Mountain
Zip Line Tour

Leadville Train Ride & Zip Line Combo Tour

This exciting tour includes all six sections of the Standard Mountain Zip Line Tour PLUS a 2.5 hour ride on the Historic Leadville Train. Spend your free-time in between tours exploring Leadville, Colorado, voted one of the ten Best Historic Small Cities in America. Enjoy some lunch in Leadville while exploring this hidden gem!

The Zip Line Tour

Check in at our Base Camp to explore our 2,500-acre paradise on Mount Arkansas (13,750’). The Arkansas River starts here as a tranquil stream. After being fitted with the required gear and a training zip line, enjoy a ride in our military trucks to our high mountain yurt at 11,500’. Experience a thrilling zip line ride over canyons, meadows, and streams on twin lines. Each section has two overhead cables with double attachments to the full-body harness. Our flat decks and automatic braking system ensure easy access and stress-free landings. Explore over 40 historic gold mines with professional guides. Return on the Big Nugget Zip, ending at our 100’ Sky Tower with viewing decks for photos of Mt. Massive and Mt. Elbert. Families are welcome.

The Leadville Train Ride

Meet the conductor and crew, then board the Leadville Colorado & Southern Train for a historical journey. Climb 1,000 feet through the untouched wilderness of the San Isabel National Forest, enjoying spectacular Rocky Mountain views. Learn about Leadville’s boom-town days, famous residents like Baby Doe Tabor and Molly Brown, and outlaws like Doc Holiday. Hear railroad history and ghost stories, and tour the caboose and engine. Enjoy the Leadville train ride!


$186 per adult

$143 per child under 12

2 hour zip line | 2.5 hour train ride

Tour Times:
9:00am – zip line | 2pm – train ride

30 minutes prior to tour

A 20% gratuity applies for groups of 6+

Note: The train schedule changes occasionally throughout the summer and early fall. If you are interested in booking further in advance, please refer to the schedules below.

Book ahead for August 19th – October 6th

Book ahead for October 12th – 27th



Long pants are recommended, closed toed shoes like hiking boots or sneakers are best. Bring sunglasses. You can carry a small back pack for bottled water or a cell phone.

  • Weight restrictions apply. No one under 60 pounds and no one over 260 pounds can zip line.
  • Pregnant women can not zip line

The Historic Train Depot is located at 326 E. 7th Street, Leadville, Colorado 80461. The Zip Line Base is at 6492 Highway 91, Leadville, Co. 80461. It’s only 12 minutes from the Zip Line Base to the Train Station and vice versa.


Don’t worry about braking on our course. Our braking system will slow you down for a smooth, safe stop and one of your guides will be waiting on the landing deck to assist. At least two guides will accompany all tours. Easy to access take-off and landing decks are flat on the side of the mountain; you don’t have to climb ladders up into trees or wooden towers. Zip line sections are connected by scenic downhill trails through the forest, so it’s easy walking.


We have a 48 hour cancellation policy for all tours.


All guests will be required to sign a standard Liability Waiver upon check-in.


Only zip line in the world to zip over a moving train
Over 8,000 feet of zip lines
Panoramic views of 14er mountains
See Mt. Massive and Mt. Elbert
3 side-by-side zip line cables on last zip line

Located on the way to rafting adventures

Ride the historic Leadville Train

See Victorian-era homes and shops in Leadville